How Did We Get Here

It all starts

Our dad, Ike Reimer, buys an old excavator for farm improvements and digging irrigation ponds.

Ledge Rock is born.

With a bit of desire and a partnership with K&S Builders, a JD 135D excavator is purchased and we are in business.

Quarry Time

Ike Reimer fullfils a lifelong dream and discovers asphalt spec rock on our South Mountain land. We are now developing one of the three rock quarries operating in Kings County.

Dedication to accuracy

We purchase a GPS base and rover. This allows us to provide our customers with efficient and accurate dig outs and site preps.

Continual Improvement

We now have GPS indicate control on our JD 245G excavator allowing us to offer unparalleled efficiency and accuracy to our clients.

We take safety and professional accreditation very seriously. Below are a few of the industry associations that we are members of.