Sand, Gravel, Excavating, and Septic Systems

ledgerock-construction1In 2004 Ike Reimer decided to fulfill a childhood dream and buy an excavator. We used that excavator for ditching, clearing land, and digging ponds for farmers in the Lakeville area. This excavator also enabled Trev Reimer, Ike’s son, to get the necessary experience to get a job with Dexter Construction Company helping build a section of Hwy. 101.

In 2008 we bought a second excavator and started targeting excavation for construction projects throughout the Annapolis Valley.

We now have excavators from 4 tonne to 45 tonne in weight along with several trucks, dozers, and other pieces of equipment. We also have accumulated sand and gravel pits between Berwick and Windsor and a rock quarry in Prospect.

So if your project requires excavation we would be interested in giving you a free quote.