Aggregate Products

Armour Stone

Armour Stone refers to large quarried blocks of natural stone.  Armour Stone is most often used for building retaining walls, erosion control or to serve as garden accents. We also have round white Granite boulders available.

Blast Rock

This is solid rock that has been removed from the bank with explosives. It varies in size but will have rocks up to 18 inches in it. It is used for driveway base and structural fill especially in wet areas

4-8" Clear Stone

Environmental Stone
This is clean angular 4 inch to 8 inch stones used mostly for drainage, erosion control and around dug wells

1" Clear Stone

Clear stone is made from quarried rock which is crushed to 1-inch and has the fines screened out of it, used for mostly drainage and prepping floors.

Type 1

Type 1
This is 3/4 inch rock with fines crushed to DOT specs used mostly for driveways, roads, walkways, and floor preps.

Pit Run Gravel

This is a unmanufactured gravel which is dug out of the bank. It has rocks up to 12-inch but typically 6-inch and less. It is used for a base for roads and driveways and should be placed in layers 12-inch thick or more.