Our Services

Anything related to moving dirt, be it large or small, we are glad to do!

Natural Rock Retaining Walls

Looking to dress up your backyard? We specialize in dry stacking retaining walls out of quartzite or granite. Definitely a prettier and cost effective alternative to poured in place concrete walls in our opinion. 

Septic Systems

Residential, commercial, cottage, whatever your septic needs are we can help you out every step of the way. We can assist with subdivision approvals and septic system inspections.

QP 2 services are provided in-house.

Foundation Dig Out

Big or small, rock or sand, we would love to help you realize your dreams, and get concrete in the ground. We take great pride in providing accurate foundation dig outs. We can do a GPS layout of your footing also to make it significantly easier for your concrete guy.

Commercial Site Preps and Drainage

Commercial yards and building pads or agricultural drainage whatever your needs are we would like to help you design and implement a solution.

Concrete Pad Preps

Whatever size pad you would like we can build it for you. We have laser and GPS controlled grading solutions to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Watercourse Alterations

Do you need to cross a stream? We are certified for Watercourse Sizer and Watercourse Installer so we can select and install your culvert or bridge. 

Sand & Gravel Hauling

We have a variety of trucks and trailers to deliver the products you want how you want. We have a few belly dump trailers that can get that perfect spread on your driveway or field road.

Trellis/Fence Post Installation

We can provide the excavator with tamper or auger to install posts of up to 14′ tall. This is primarily for orchard applications. 

Hardscaping & Walkways

Whatever your landscaping solution calls for we can install it. From concrete block walls to natural slate walkways to Ecoraster gravel driveways with heat.

Riding Rings

We have constructed Olympic grade equestrian riding rings. So we are confident that we can deliver the results that you are looking for.